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Jellyfish - That Is Why tab

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"That is why" by JellyFish

Chords by: Mats Larsson (

Fill 1:					Fill 2:
-------------------------------		----------------3--------------|
----0\2---3---2---0------------		----0---2---5-------0----------|
----------------------2--------		-------------------------------|
-------------------------------		-------------------------------|
-------------------------------		-------------------------------|
-------------------------------		-------------------------------|

Fill 3:					Fill 4:
------------2---7--------------		-------------------------------|
----0---3----------------------		--------3----------------------|
-------------------------------		----4-------1---4--------------|
-------------------------------		-------------------------------|
-------------------------------		-------------------------------|
-------------------------------		-------------------------------|

Fill 5:					Em7: 	G add5:	 A:	E high
--------------7---4------------        0    0     0    0-|
----------3--------------------        3    3     2    0-|
----2\4------------------------        0    0     2    9-|
-------------------------------        2    0     2    9-|
-------------------------------        2    2     2    7-|
-------------------------------        0    3     X    0-|

VERSE 1: Play bass string first and the the chord. Bend all the E high.

Bm                             F#
Though it's hard to admit it's true
             E              E high
I've come to depend on you
Bm                   F#
you and your angelic shout
                     E     E high
loud enough for two

            Em7   G add5   A    (Fill 1)
and that is why
     Em7                G add5          A
I'll confide in you the truth this time
        Em7   G add5   A    (Fill 1)
that is why
       Em7             G add5        A    (Fill 2)
I just can't go on and live this lie

VERSE 2: Strumming, but the same chords as verse 1.

Yesterday all was right as rain
but now the forecast not   (Fill 3)
it's partly cloudy with trouser stains
and his copy of enquiring minds   (Fill 4)

VERSE 3: Repeat verse 1 chords

But that never meant that much to her
she chose to keep her nose too clean
she'd rather keep it pointed anyway
in spite of a magazine   (Fill 5)



Chord 1: 2		Chord 2: 2
	 0			 0
	 1			 0
	 X			 X
	 X			 X
	 X			 X

Strumming, just the E, B and G strings.

F# sus4            F#
And when you say I trust in you
  Chord 1         Chord 2
I promise you the truth

Play each string

F# sus4            F#
And when you say I bet you won't
  Chord 1      Chord 2
you know I will
Chord 2 (and something I don't know what it is)
and it'll be better in the end

SOLO (Chorus chords)

VERSE 4: Repeat verse 1 chords

So when you think you've got it figured out
then you know you don't
like all the rest you'd like to sit and put
but of course you won't

CHORUS once, then CHORUS with just "that is why..." all the time.

Then fade out with picking  -----------2--    -----2--------|
                            -----3--------    -----------5--|
                            --4-----4-----    --2-----2-----|
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