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Jennifer Kea - Little White Lies chords

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Autor: Jennifer Kae
Title: Little White Lies


F, Am, F, Am, F, Am, G


F           Am      F                          Am
Storm these walls, 'cos I'm not giving you the keys.
F           Am                   G
Let it go, let it go now, let me go and give me peace.
F           Am      F                Am
As cold as stone we are, Or skeletet bones, it's crazy,
F              Am               D
What's silence done So hate me. If it makes it easy? So it's:


    F                C
    Good bye to your little white lies.
    G                            D
    It wouldn't hurt to tell the truth sometimes.
    F          C                  G
    I'm sweet, yeah you better believe it.
    F                C
    I'm not one to critizise,
            G                            Am
    But you never had a smile that could reach the eyes
       F               C                     G
    On three, on four, Close the door as you leavin'.


F         Am    F                Am
I have of late, Considered how I feel
F                    Am       G
and every day, every day now, It's becoming clear.
F             Am      F           Am
I'm tired and wasted. And I can't take it,
F               Am       D
So go ahead and hate me. If it makes it easy. So it's:


        Am               C
Oooohhh yeah, Self pray, salvation,
	F      Fm             Am        C
Some damage infestation, I'm out of danger,
     F      Fm          Am    	   C           F     Fm            Am
From your rudy nature. So go ahead and hate me,If it makes it easy.

    2 x Chorus

Bye Bye
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