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Jennings Shooter - Southern Comfort tab

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                               Arrah and the Ferns
                                Southern Comfort

Tabbed by: axsu780

Capo 3rd Fret

Chord Progression ||: G D C Cadd9 :||

If you want I'll send you a postcard 
To let you know I'm here 
I'll be sure to fill it with imagery 
And I'll be sure to be sincere 
Cause I don't want to be your burden 
I don't want you to worry for me 
Just know it will better now 
It will be better we all will agree 
When I don't have to be so many things 
When I don't have to be a son 
You won't have to waste your empathy 
You can do whatever you want

(oo la la la la oo la la...) 
You can try if you want you can build me a house 
But don't cry when I go when you knew that I would 
It's out of your hands, I'm trying to leave, let me go

I'll write you one last letter 
I'll tie it to a string 
I'll hang it from a lantern 
For you to find in New Orleans 
When you go to meet your Maker 
When you go to cut your ties 
When you go to drown in the water 
That springs eternal life 
But don't you know that you are living 
You are living inside a lie 
When you know it could be better here 
It could be better if you'd just try 
So mark my words and syntax 
When you read my final note 
I want you to know the consequence 
When you leave this world alone
(oo la la la la oo la la...) 
I won't try anymore; I won't build you a house 
Won't cry when you leave; I know that your weak 
I did all that I could, you know I tried to give you a reason 
So you can die if you want you can do what you please 
But remember the ones that have to burry the seeds 
Just know when you go, you place death upon every life
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