Jeremiah Bowser - The Greatness Of You chords

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Words and music: Jeremiah Bowser
2004 Jeremiah Bowser
CCLI # 4700030

Bm                     D                          G 
  The sun and the moon  and the stars are made dim 
       G   D/F#   Em   D
In the light of    Y - o - u
Bm                        D                         G 
  Just a glimpse of Your beauty and all other things 
G   D/F#  Em   D       Bm
Sim - ply fade from view
Bm                    D                           G 
   With the slightest touch, virtue flows in a rush
G    D/F#   Em  D        Bm
Ma - king   all things new
Bm                     D                         G
  At the sound of Your voice all of heaven and earth bow to worship

             D                   G
You are the Great, You are the Glorious
            D/F#           G
You are the King above all Kings
           D              G (C)
You are Divine, You are victorious
        D/F#          G
You are everything to me

   If skies declare Your works
   And trees clap their hands
   C2                       G
   Surely I can give You praise
   If the earth can see and tremble
   And rocks cry out before You
   C2(F2)                    G
   Surely I can shout Your praise
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