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Jeremy Camp - Empty Me tab

Tablature by Connor McDaniel
Empty Me Chords
by Jeremy Camp 

This is how I play the song.
When your picking you pick the chords like this.
    G           D          Em             C
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e |-3-----------2-------2--3--------------3-----------------------------|
B |-3-----------3-----3----3-------0------3-------3---------------------|
G |---------0---2-0h2------0-----0---0----0-----0-----------------------|
D |-------0-----0----------2-0h2-------2--2-0h2-------------------------|
A |-2-0h2------------------2--------------3-----------------------------|
E |-3----------------------0--------------0-----------------------------|

G         D       
Holy Fire Burn away

Em         C 
My desire, for anything

G                  D
That is not of you and is of me

Em                 C
I want more of you and less of me

G   D  Em    C   G   D   Em  
Em--pt--y me     Em--pt--y me

G        D        Em 
And fill wont you fill me

G         D
With you, with you

I hope poeple like this.
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Empty Me chords by Jeremy Camp