Jeremy Loops - Power chords

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Great song, brilliant artist.

The song is played with a capo, but sounds exactly the same when playing the 
following without the capo. Any comments and suggestions are welcome

  A  D             A          D
Seeing what my eyes can't see
    A   D              A     D
And being what I wanna be
         A   D               A   D
And I'll dooooo what I wanna do
            A         D
'Cause it's you, it's you
     A                      D
You come and help me brake through

              A   D         A
Cause you got power oooohhh oooohhh
        D                A            D
You're living in you're emotions aaah aaah

*Song continues exactly the same until bridge*

Bm                   D
Well my head, and my soul
     A                     Bm
Hard fought till the day I go
But you know that I know
         A                         Bm
That you wanna but you still won't go
And here's you, fly through
          A                       Bm       E
It's been longer than you care to knoooowwww
                           A   D      A
Since you've been so llooonnee ooohhh ooohhh

*And so on...

If it doesn't sound right, make sure your strumming keeps changing correctly and 
that you play at the right interval.

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