Jeremy Mccomb - Wagon Wheel chords

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Intro: G D Em C G D C.   
Every Time You play The last C Play it twice
Strum Pattern: Down Down Up(Pause)up down
G                     D
Headed down south to the land of the pines,
Em                    C
thumbin my way into North Caroline,
G                         D                   C (x2)
Staring at the road and pray to god i see headlights.


G                         D
So Rock me momma like a wagon wheel,
 Em                 C
Rock me momma any way yah feel,
G       D          C(x2)
hey... Hey momma rock me.
G                        D               
Rock me momma like the wind and the rain
Em                         C          
Rock me momma like a south-bound train
 G      D          C(x2)
hey... hey momma rock me

*( Thats the chord progression for almost the whole song)*

Running from the cold up in new england,

I was listen to some fiddlin in this old time string band

My baby plays the guitar i pick the banjo now


This is the only part with a diffrent strum pattern, all you do is strum down on the note one time

Walkin to the south outta roanoke,

caught a trucker outta philly had a nice long toke

but hes a headed west from the cumberland gap

to johnson city tennesee

now i got to get a move on pray for the sun

i hear my baby calling my name and i know that shes da only one

so if i die in religh at least i will die free

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