Jeremy Messersmith - Tomorrow chords

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G                G7
Will I see you again?
Same time tomorrow
Well, I hope so
        G           E
Let's watch the midnight sky
C              D    
I won't say goodbye
Until tomorrow
Yesterday is gone
            C    A  
Today is almost over
  G                     E
Come on let's stay up late
  C              D
We'll turn our today
Into tomorrow
Dm                  G
Today is all we've got
C                  Am
A moment here then not
Dm                      G
And if tomorrow never comes
  C                               E   A   D
I'll be standing with the one I love 
G                    G7
It's time to say goodnight
And then you kiss me
        G                 E
Let's watch the morning break
  C                      D            G
Some things just can't wait until tomorrow
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