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Jessie Daniels - Everyday tab

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Hey! I love this song, but no one else has put it up. Here it is. Capo is not 
you can figure something out! kudos to jessie! :0)

C G D em

G                   D                      em
What are you thinkin' doing the things you do
What are you wantin'
                     D                     em
Cuz' all I want is you to see everything you are to me
                 am                            C
and how you  and I could be, every dream come true

 G          D                 em
Everyday I try to tell you, everytime I think I get through
 D                             em
You put up a wall you're so invincible
nothing could keep me away, I'll find a way,

 G                     D                      em
What are you scared of, what do you have to lose
                    C                  D
you'll never know if, all you do is refuse and hide
from the door that's open wide
ignore the voice you hear inside
                 C         C
and everything i say,     ye-ea-ah


 C               G                       D
And I won't give up, cuz you mean that much
no matter what you are going through
 C                 G
I've waited this long
my love is stronger than forever
  D                           em
strong enough to keep loving you       everyday

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