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Jewel Kilcher - Innocence Maintained tab

The tab stays the same throughout the whole song. To figure out the picking pattern just listen to the cd.

Verse 1:
Ophelia drowned in the water
Crushed by her own weight
Hitler loved little blue-eyed boys
And it drove him to hate
Birds always grow silent before the night descends
       D                                             G
?Cause nature has a funny way of breaking what does not bend

Verse 2:
A hero's torso built of steel and Novocain
His heart a bitter beat inside a bloodless frame
                  C                              D
There was a hole inside his soul a manicure could not fill
So he found himself a whore to love
While daises choked in the window sill

       D               C
We've made houses for hatred
It's time we made a place
         D      C              G
Where people's souls may be seen and made safe
    D             C           G
Be careful with each other, these fragile flames
     D         C                      D       C     G
For innocence can't be lost, it just needs to be maintained

Verse 3:
A small town in Ohio
Two boys are filled with violence
And darkness spreads its legs for hate and ignorance
We are given to a god to put our faith therein
But to be forgiven, we must first believe in sin


  A   G
  A   G
  A   G
  A   G

Verse 4:
I want to live bravely and love without fear
I want to always feel the wings of grace near
We all will be Christed when we hear ourselves say
We are that to which we pray

Chorus 2x
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