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Jimi Jamison - Ever Since The World Began tab

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Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 13:29:40 +0800
From: Franz-Joseph Rufino 
Subject: j/jamison_jimi/ever_since_the_world_began.crd

                                    By : Jimi Jamison
                                 from the motion picture
                                      " LOCK-UP "

                             chord's by J.Rufino

   "It's pretty hard trying to copy the sound of the piano in the song but
here goes "

   INTRO: G Am D G , Em Am D pause

   G                   Am             D                        G
   I never knew what brought me here , as if somebody led my hand
   Em                  Am                  D
   It seem's I fin'lly had to steer , my course was planned

   G               Am             D                  G
   A destiny that guide's as all , by it's hand we rise and fall
   Em                  Am                  D                 G    C  D
   But only for a moment , time enough to catch our breath again
[ Tab from: ]
              G                         Em       C                      Em
   And we're just another piece of the puzzle , just another part of the plan
        Am                     Em       C                  D
   How one life touches the other , is so hard to understand
             G                Em         Am           Bm        C
   Still we walk this road together, we try to go as far as we can
    Am                     Em           Bm     Am     G          C  (pause) G
And we have waited for this  moment in time.....Ever Since The World     Began

   Takin in the time's gone by , we wonder how it all began
   We'll never know and still try , to understand
   And even though the season's change , the reason shall remain the same
   It's love that keep's us holding on till we can see the sun again

   Chorus 2:

   And we're just another piece of the puzzle just another part of the plan
   and we have waited for this moment in time , ever since the world began

          Em            D                C                   G
   And I stand alone a man of stone ,  against the driving rain
            Em                  Bm               C                     D
   And the night it's got your number , and the wind it passes you're name
            G                D
   And we search for clues , win or lose
      Em      D       C
   To whisper all we say
          G                  Am               C                D
   Where hope still burn's eternal , we're the keeper of the flame

              Am   G         C    (pause)  G    G  C  G
     ........ever since the world        began

    O.K. so this is it, if you like this song the movie