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Jimmy Buffett - Tonight I Just Need My Guitar chords

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Tonight I Just Need My Guitar
Jimmy Buffett

This is played with two guitars, but I did what I could with one.

Intro/Lead:  D, D(hammer on B)
I-------------------------	I
I-----3-----------3------	I
I---2-----------2---2----	I
I-0-----------0----------	I
I--------0h2-------------	I
I-------------------------	I

play Lead
Gulf coast nights, flounder lights, Iím back on the eastern shore
With my history of wrecks I think itís time to check
    A            Bm        A(archipeggio)
The crab trap of life once more

Need is a relative thing these days, it borders on desire
The high tech world is full of bright shiny things
   A             Bm       A (archipeggio)
We think that we really require
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G         A         Bm     
Sometimes more than others 
        C                Bm        A(archipeggio)
you see who and what and where you are

      G       D            G         D
Iím a one man band with no immediate plans
G              A         D (hammer with the pinky)
Tonight I just need my guitar

      G            A            Bm       
Donít need to feel important or famous.
   C           Bm           A(archipeggio)
No limos or my little nash car

    G     D           G           D
One lucky man with my feet in the sand
G              A             C    D-Lead
Tonight I just need          my guitar

Lead/Outro end on D

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