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Jimmy Wayne - I Will tab

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I saw no one had submitted a tab for this song yet so i thought I'd do it 
myself.  I'm 90% sure this is correct.  If you have any questions or additions 
please comment. Enjoy!

Capo 1st fret


Am  G          D           Am
So you're the one I waited on
G                    D
the one I've been dreaming of
Am    G      D                     Am
Now that I know, it's hard to let go
    G              D
I don't want to lose your love
               Bm                     C
But what can I do, I can't make you stay here
                    Bm                   C
But if you should choose to go your own way
                   Am                   Bm
Where ever you're going, when ever you turn
                Am                     Bm
Remember this moment, remember these words
     Am      D 
I will, i will.. 

give up my life 
 G              D
for you if you want it
             C      G           D
Give you my heart, you already own it
          C            G    D
I'll do anything, I'll go anywhere, it's true
    C      G         D
I will, I will, I will


Am   G            D
I look in your eyes and I see
     Am   G          D
our life so full of happiness
Am  G           D
Do you see the same
Or jush someone you'll blame? 
 G                    D
For things that you might've missed
I don't want to weigh 
you down like an anchor
If that's how you see me now,
         C                 Am
I would rather let you go free, 
Just sail away
If that's what you need
If that's what it takes

Repeat Chorus

If ever your day is done, 
                       G        D
still you need someone to hold you

I will
If you ever need
                               G      D
To talk to somebody who really knows you
Yes, I will

Repeat Chorus

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