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Joan Armatrading - No Love tab

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Intro E B A x2
E					B		 A
Well you started out wanting my body and I didn’t mind
E				   B			    A
Coz we liked each other and it also helped to pass the time
	E			B
But everybody dreams of one
		E			A
And now I want you and not just for fun
	      E		     B
But if you got no love to give
Baby don’t give it here

I wanted you to be my lover I would be your friend
And I’d wear the purple shirt coz it makes you laugh and I would too
Well if there’s anything I can do
I wanna do it
And if I had no love to give 
I wouldn’t give it to you

Your best friend’s friend told someone I was the hurting kind
And now they’ve planted that seed and it’s growing there in you mind
Well if you’re looking for a permanent mate
Just accept me as your fate
Coz if I had no love to give
I wouldn’t give it to you
Babe I wouldn’t give it to you (etc)
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