Joe Brooks - Superman chords

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this is my first tab!
Capo on 2nd,

Verse 1
Em     G      C
there are no words,
            D              Em
to paint a picture of you girl.
      G          C
your eyes,those curves,
             D               Em
its like am from some other world.
     G       C
You walk my way,
Oh god its so frustrating,
Em          G
So why do i disappear,
     C             D                   Em
when you come near,it makes me feel so small,
       G                      C

Pre Chorus
a wish a could read your mind,most everytime,
     D                  Em
like a got no chance at all.

if a could be a superman,
    D             C              Em
id fly you to the stars and back again
cos every time you touch my hand,
    D             C              Em
a feel my powers running through your veins,
but i can only right this song,
    D             C             Em
and tell you that am not that strong,
  G       C     D                        Em
cos am no superman,i hope you like me as i am.

       same all the way through!
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