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Joe Henry - Kings Highway chords

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Em G D

Em chord: Pluck low E (downstroke) string, then strum Down, Up Down Up.

G chord: 
Pluck low E (downstrokes) open, 2nd then 3rd then strum Down, Up Down Up

D chord: Pluck open D and 3rd on the G string then a fast Down and Up stroke.

B7*  G-2---|


Em   G            D        Em 
     I might just change my mind
     G                 D    Em
     Sometimes you can never tell
     G             D      Em
     Where a story will unwind
     G               D      Em  
     How deep is the shallow ground       After each Em following a G you
                                          always do the open, 2nd, 3rd on
     C                   Am    Em         on the E string.
     Sometimes you would never guess
     G                  D       Em
     Who's all talk and who just might
     C             Am      Em
     Find a way or lose themselves
     G                B7*    Em
     On the king's highway tonight

     G              D     Em
     I am just like many more
     G               D          Em
     Who lie in bed, still and numb
     G             D    Em
     Waking up and I can see
     G                D    Em
     Just how dark it has become

     C                   Am     Em
     Who knows no better angels now
     G                  D        Em
     Who knows none but earthly light
     C              Am   Em
     Who is waiting for a stranger
     G                B7*   Em
     On the king's highway tonight

And so on, not 100% to me but it sounds good.
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