Joe Purdy - Cowboy Song chords

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Joe Purdy - Cowboy song from Canyon Joe! if you have any questions or just leave a comment, thanks!

Capo 3
Intro C pick the A string when you strum it. 

C                                                                                      F
Pick me up softly, I don't know the shape that I'm in
I dropped through the windows and down through the buildings
And up to the front door again
There was a gunfight out in the moonlight
To settle the matters at hand
So pick me up stranger, pick me up softly
I don't know the shape that I'm in

   F                                       C
And I did my best with my time in the West
   G                                      C
And I tried not to leave anyone in distress
   F                                      C
And I have stood tall yeah and I never lied
That's a lie
But I surely tried
G                                      F                      C
 To do everything that I could do right

And that's the way the cookie crumbles. Same way all the way through the song. 
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