Joey Cape And Tony Sly - On The Outside chords

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Joey Cape & Tony Sly - On the outside

Tuning: DGDFAd (drop D)
Full step down, all strings

     Bm                                G
I'll see you on the outside and we'll never be the same
Em                             F#
    after all that's happened what is it that we've gained?
     Bm                        G
I've made mistakes before and never lived them down
D                 A               F#
after all you've done for me I'm bound
(Don't say another word)

G                      D                           A
   To see you on the outside where we can both be sane
(You're speaking for yourself)
G                        D                            A
   I'm bleeding on the inside a place you might have been
                      G   D       F#
but now I know I'll never be the same

        Bm                                G
Well I heard you got a new place and it's far away from here
  Em                          F#
Reality has sunken in now confirming all my fears
     Bm                      G
Not gonna track you down but it's too late to stop
  D                 A                 F#
thinking 'bout the time that we have lost
(I'm happy without you)

G                    D                         A
   I'm trying to forget you and everything we had
(We didn't stand a chance)
G                      D                               A
   We're miserable and it's true we haven't learned a thing
                      G      D        F#
but now I know I'll trust no one else

G               D                 A                 F#
   There was a time when we were back and forth, it was not easy
G                 D              A      F#
   I guess we're back where we belong
Bm                                    G
   One thing is for sure, it wasn't strong

                       D                             A
I'll see you on the outside where we can both feel shame
(You've never been more right)
G                     D                          A
   I'm dying on the inside, you're never coming back
                  G     D       F#
And now I know whatever we go through
My heart is stuck with you

Bm G Em F# Bm

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