John Bull - God Save The Queen chords

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God Save the Queen chords
UK National Anthem *

F   Dm   Gm  C7       C
God save our gracious Queen,
F    Dm   Bb  F     Dm
Long live our noble Queen,
Gm  F    C   F
God save the Queen:
Send her victorious,
Gm        Bb    C
Happy and glorious,
F    Gm       F    C
Long to reign over us:
Bb  F    C   F
God save the Queen.

F Dm    Gm  C7    C
O Lord, our God, arise,
F   Dm  Bb  F   Dm
Scatter her enemies,
Gm  F    C    F
And make them fall.
Confound their politics,
Gm              Bb      C
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
F  Gm       F        C
On Thee our hopes we fix,
Bb  F    C  F
God save us all.

F   Dm   Gm  C7       C
Thy choicest gifts in store,
F  Dm  Bb F          Dm
On her be pleased to pour;
Gm   F   C   F
Long may she reign:
May she defend our laws,
Gm       Bb      C
And ever give us cause
F  Gm        F         C
To sing with heart and voice
Bb  F    C   F
God save the Queen.

* Alternate:

Capo III

F  = D
Dm = Bm
Gm = Em
C7 = A7
C  = A
Bb = G

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