John Doe - Pressing On chords

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(Great song, written by Bob Dylan, performed by John for the soundtrack of "I'm Not There". 
Pretty easy to play, but it sounds great with an organ and a choir.)

Tuning: Standard
E - 022100
G#m - 466444
A - x02220
B - x24442

I'm pressing on.
I'm pressing on;
    A        E
I'm pressing on
       A       B            E
To the higher calling of my love.

E           G#m
Many try to stop me,
         A        E
Shake me up in my mind
Saying, "prove that he's the Lord,
A         E
Show me a sign!"
What kind of sign may it be,
         A             E
When it comes from within?
When what's lost has been found,
        A                E
What's come has already been.

(And repeat. The chord progression is the same for each verse and chorus.)
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