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John Frusciante - Far Away tab

Far Away - John Frusciante


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 A            E               F#m
I can't disguise the things I do 
             D           A               Bm
And things I say have a way of hurting you 
C#m         A
I'm over there 
                  D           A
These dreams are all I have left 
                   Bm              A
I've nothing to spare               
                 Bm               F#m
They're all I Have      

I can't pretend to be who I'm not 
And there are things you need from me 
I haven't got 
No way but to end 
Pick up the pieces of our lives 
And maybe love again

                 Bm                F#m 
There's only one way for things to be 
Between you and me
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