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John Mayer - Who Says tab

Song link This is the new John Mayer song set
appear on the new record Battle Studies

NOTE: This tab is from btmortimore "" found on his
Says video. FULL CREDIT goes to him, for figuring it out. I've added in a few things
i think make the sound a bit better.

This is not my tab i've uploaded it to share this fantastic song with others. Again FULL
to bmortimore, subscribe to him he has some very good vids

The pattern is alot like Stop This Train/ Heart of Life. More so Heart of Life. There is
fantastic tutorial on youtube

I will now attempt to explain how he strums

A full slap/pick (thats what im calling the technique) occurs when you play the first
note in Stop This Train, as they guy does in the tutorial. He plays 2 thumb slaps in the
(not thumb notes thumb slaps) I'm going to label that "F" for full play through. When 
see the video you will understand what i mean. He doesn't just play through like Stop
Train he also Picks and Slaps ONCE. As in "Picks notes with fingers then slaps and as 
slap your pointer finger plays the note", more like Heart of Life. I'm going to call that 
I'll label above.

Once again JM uses his thumb for all top notes.

Here is bmortimore's vid
it as a guide if you want

B|-------- 0h3----3-----3-----3----2----2----3-----3----3-----3----3--3------------|
           F      S     S     F    S    S    F     F    S     S    F  F

Instead of the last 023 i sometimes flick between

     F       F
See what works for you


        F    F    F                    F    F    F   F    2XF  S

Post the second chorus the one that has "long night in Austin to. He heads into a bridge
of thing. By listening to the song you can work out what to play. Mix it up, i usually
around with the chorus. You can figure out what to do by listening. Its all farily similar

Any info just leave a comment i'll get it
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