John Mayer - Im Gonna Find Another You chords

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The only part I'm not sure about in this song is the chord in the intro after the 
second E. I put B but I'm pretty sure it's wrong. other than that, the tab is right.

Capo: 5th

Intro: E A E B? E7

Verse 1
            E                 E7            
It's really over, you made your stand
             A        Am
You got me crying, as was your plan

Chorus 1
           E    C#m
But when my loneliness is through 
F#m               B            E  ( A , Am , E , B )
      I'm gonna find another you

Verse 2
              E                       E7
You take your sweaters, You take your time
                    A                         Am
You might have your reasons, but you will never have my rhymes

Chorus 2
         E    C#m
I'm gonna sing my way away from blue
F#m              B            E ( A , Am , E , B )
      I'm gonna find another you

F#m                    C#m
When I was your lover
F#m                   C#m
No one else would do
F#m                          C#m  
If I'm forced to find another, 
I hope she looks like you
Yeah and she's nicer too

Verse 3
            E                   E7
So go on baby, Make your little get away
                      A                       Am
My pride will keep me company, And you just gave yours all away

Chorus 3
   E               C#m
Oh, Now I'm gonna dress myself for two
F#m                            B
     Once for me and once for someone new
          G#m                        C#m
I'm gonna do somethings you wouldn't let me do

   F#m         B             E
Oh, I'm gon' find another you

If you could help me out on the intro that would be great!
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