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John Mccutcheon - Water From Another Time chords

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Water from Another Time 

F        C        G    C
New mown hay on a July morn
F                             F/A       C
Grandkids running through the knee-high corn
G                    C          F
Sunburned nose and a scabbed-up knee
       C                     G/B
From a rope on the white oak tree
       G                     C         F
Just another summer's day at Grandpa's farm
     C                        F
With Grandma's bucket hanging off my arm
              F                       C
You know, the old pump's rusty but it works fine
            G                  C
Primed with water from another time

   F          C             G/B          C
It don't take much, but you gotta have some
    F                 F/A      C
The old ways help the new ways come
     G                            C       F
Just leave a little extra for the next in line
              F             C          G           C
They're gonna need a little water from another time

F        C            G          C
Tattered quilt on the goose-down bed
       F                         F/A     C
"Every stitch tells a story," my Grandma said
    G                     C         F
Her mama's nightgown, her grandpa's pants
        C                                 G/B
And the dress she wore to her high school dance
    G                       C         F
Now wrapped at night in its patchwork scenes
  C                        F
I waltz with Grandma in my dreams
   F                  C
My arms, my heart, my life entwined
     G                      C
With water from another time


F       C          G/B     C
Newborn cry in the morning air
    F                 F/A    C
The past & future are wedded there
     G                C        F
This wellspring of my sons and daughters:
    C                        G/B
The bone and blood of living waters
            G                   C       F
And, though Grandpa's hand have gone to dust,
     C               F
Like Grandma's pump: reduced to rust,
      F                 C
Their stories quench my soul and mind
     G                      C
Like water from another time

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