John Valby - Who Gives A Fuck chords

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"Who Gives a Fuck"
Artist: John Valby
Chords: Maniac1075

12 Bar Blues Style Example
           G               D
    who... fuck            on...      (etc...)

G                              D
Who gives a fuck, what's going on 
D                              G
Who gives a fuck, what's going on 
G                              C  C# 
Who gives a fuck, what's going on here 
D                 C      D/B(no6) G
Go the fridge and get me another beer (You Bitch!) 

Oh my name is Richard Simmons, I like to squawk and squeal
C                C# 
I like when guys undo their pants
    A    Ab  G   
And deal me a meal
I'm getting lots of exercise dropping to my knees
C                      C#    D  C      A  G
And I'm just glad that semen is so low in calories

[More Verse Lyrics]

Oh his name is Roger Clemmons 
He showed up on the Mitchell report 
something about shriveled balls and a pecker 
that's really short 
He swore to Congress no needles but here's his fuckin' trick 
When he wanted a load of steroids he sucked?Andy Petit's dick

My name is Bill Clinton
I'm the leader of the land
I'd have been in much less trouble if I had just used my hand
I'm not afraid of going to trial
I do not fear the dock
As long as there's a lovely judge
Who sit and suck my?cock

Oh her name was Rachel Ray,
I called that beaner bitch,
I told her it must be a good connection,
I could smell salsa on your? snitch,
that's not what I called about,
what I really want to know,
is how much jizz did you have to swallow,
to get that TV show.

Oh his name was Paul McCartney,
I gave up one legged bitches for lent,
Believe me that $15 million,
was the best money I ever spent,
I was high on pot when I met her,
I? fucked her stump in bed,
But now I wish Maxwells Silver Hammer
came down upon her head
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