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Johnny Cash - My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You chords

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I may say that I dont care 
Hold my head up in the air 
                        E7                 A 
Even tell my friends Im glad that you dont call 
But when the day is through 
My heartaches start in new 
                 E7               A 
And thats when I miss you most of all 

       A                 E 
And my arms keep reachin for you 
My eyes keep searchin for you 
My lips keep callin for you 
       E          E7             A   
And my shoes keep walkin back to you  
VERSE TWO:same as first verse 
No matter how much I pretend 
I wish I had you back again 
For no one else means half as much as you 
My world just seem to die 
The day you left my side 
And I cant forget no matter what I do 
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