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Johnny Cash - Life Goes On tab

 | ---------------------------- | ----------------------- |  
 | ---------------------------- | ----------------------- |  
 | ---------------------------- | ----------------------- |  
 | --------0---0---------0---0- | -0--------------------- |  
 | -0-2-4----0----0-2-4----0--- | ---4-2-0---0--------0-- |  
 | ---------------------------- | ---------0----0-2-4---- |  
   A             D            A 
My baby left me just the other day 
   A                     D             A 
I guess the things will never be the same 
But I must forget that she is gone 
A                  E        A 
Cause time goes by and life goes on 

A       D      D      A 
making plans, shaking hands 
A       D         D    A 
try to prove that I'm a man 
It's hard to do but I must try 
A                   E      A 
cause life goes on and so will I 
{Solo: play riff 2 times} 
It's been kinda tough these last few days 
trying to act normal and be gay 
It's not easy to be all alone 
but time goes by and life goes on 
If I see her anywhere 
I hope she thinks that I don't care 
For after night there comes the dawn 
Yes time goes by and life goes on 
{Outro: once the riff and fade out}  
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