Johnny Diesel And The Injectors - I Dont Need Love chords

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Verse 1

D                                     G
Give me a reason Why I'm feeling this way

D                                        G
Tryin' all the time To keep the blues at bay

     C                       G
When I sleep at night you're all I see

  C                    D
You're in my head Like cable TV

C        C/B Am
It's no use

When it's self abuse


A            D             G
I Dont need love to get me through

            D             G
I Dont need love all shiny and new

            A                          Bm
I dont need love I tell myself thats its true

               G                    D
I may not need love but I sure need you

D G x 2

Verse 2

My friends they're all asking
Am I still that way
I tell them that I'm livin'
Day by day
They wouldn't be askin'
They just wouldn't say
But I gave up on hidin' it
They're lookin' straight through
And I know what they see

Chorus x 2


A Bm G x 2

A                    Bm G
Livin' on daydreams

   A                         Bm G
It's not like the real thing

But it's all that I got

And a liar I'm not

But I'm lyin'

When I'm tellin' the truth

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