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Johnny Horton - All For The Love Of A Girl chords

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All For The Love Of A Girl:Johnny Horton.
This one hit the Billboard charts in 1959
and was a big hit. It was the B-Side of his 
#1 hit, The Battle Of New Orleans. Lobo
recorded it 1973 with not much success.

#1.(Capo 2nd fret for original.)
Well, today I'm so weary.
F             C
Today, I'm so blue.
F              C
Sad and broken hearted.
And it's all because of you.

Life was so sweet girl.
F          C
Life was a song.
     F                   C
But, now you've gone and left me.
         G7             C
Tell me, where did I go wrong?

And it's all for the love,
     F           C
of a dear little girl.
All for the love,
that sets my heart in a whirl.
I'm a man who'd give his life,
        F            C
And the joys of this world.
             G7         C
All, for the love, of a girl.


A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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