Johnny Rebel - Nigger Hating Me tab

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                              Johnny Rebel
                             Nigger Hating Me

Tuning: Standard

Read this tab at your own risk, its racist

Intro: D  
Verse 1: 
     D                G                 A                   D 
Well I Like Sugar and I like tea, but I don't like niggers, no siree 
D                               G 
There's two lone things that'll make me puke 
That's a hog eatin slop and a big black spook 

    A                D 
You know it, cause I show it 
       A                  D 
Like a barnyard rooster I crow it 
        G            A            
And The N Double A C P 
      G                  A                         D 
Would sure like to get a hold of nigger hatin' me  
Verse 2: 
D                 G 
Roses are red and violets are blue 
    A                      D 
and niggers are black, you know that's true 
But they don't mind cause what the heck 
Ya gotta be black to get a welfare check 
    A         D       A                        D 
I'm broke, no joke, I ain't gotta nickle for a coke 
    G                 A       G               A 
But I ain't black you see, so Uncle Sam won't help 
Poor nigger hatin me 
Verse 3 


Verse 4 


Verse 5 

A             D 
Nigger Hatin Me......
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