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Intro: G C G C

    G                    C      G
I walk right up onto your throne,
         C           G      D
Pick up your life, lay down my own.
        G               C          G
And on this altar known as love,
        C            G          D        Em
You made an orphan child a son,
C             G         D         G
Made an orphan child a son.

When wandering was my heart's recourse
You brought me home from distant shores.
And on this altar void of breath,
You made a harlot girl your bride,
Made a harlot girl your bride.

D                        Em       C
Now I'm standing face to face
D                          Em        C
Here with angels and the saints
          D             Em                   C
With beauty only love could ever make

From now until forever's end
You hold me close and you call me friend
No deeper love I've ever known
Than when your heart became my home
When your heart became my home
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