Jon Thurlow - Piano chords

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Key: C

C C5/Dm C/E F x2

Verse 1:
C          G/B           Am7         Fsus2
I've felt the pain of compromise deep inside
C          G/B           Am7         Fsus2
I've known the tension of a heart that's divided
   G/B          Am7            C
But I've tasted and I've seen You're good
    F        G           Am7            C          G
And now I am ruined for less than all You have for me

Interlude: C  C5/Dm  C/E  F x2 

Verse 2:
C          G/B              Am7      Fsus2
The more I see of all this world, the more I am
C               G/B            Am7      Fsus2
Convinced I'm called to be a stranger to all its ways
G/B       Am7                 C       F
So do not hide Your laws from me, for I know that
G           Am7        C    G
They are my doorway to eternity

C                             Dm       
I want to live a life that's worthy of Your calling
C/E                           F
Remove the things that hinder me from loving You because
C                             Dm
I don't want regret upon the day I stand before You
C/E                        F
May I be found a pure and spotless bride that's ready for her King

Verse 2

Chorus x3

C       C5/Dm   C/E       F   
Come up higher child, I'm ready for you (x7)
C       C5/Dm   C/E       F   [G Am7 G/B] 
Come up higher child, I'm rea-dy for you
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