Jonas - Summer Rain chords

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This is my first guitar chord tab so let me know if its okay! 

intro: D,D7,BM,G 

D                        D7                  BM                      
it's time for something it's time for change it's time to get things re 
arranged oh yeah 
D               D7                  BM                       
the summer heat has been getting me and last summers love 
is gone, gone, gone
A                              D     G     A
i've been saving my love for a rainy day and it's really comin down today
G                        A    D
Then out of the blue you came you shine a little light on a clouded day 
G         A         D                       G                 A
Baby you could make a broken heart go away i'm not gonna lie this feeling 
       BM   A      G     A                                   D,D7,BM,G 
inside i can't explain i'm gonna blame it on the summer rain
NEXT few verses go the same way Thanks for looking at my chords! 
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