Jonathan Groff - Reindeers Are Better Than People chords

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Artist: Jonathan Groff
Song: Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People
Movie: Disney's Frozen

Intro: G A7

D             A           D       D7
Reindeers are better than people

G               A            D      D7
Sven, don't you think that's true?

      Em          A
Yeah, people will beat you

    D             B7
and curse you and cheat you

      E             A          D
Every one of them's bad except you

Oh, thanks buddy

    D            A           D          D7
But people smell better than reindeers

G               A              D       D7
Sven, don't you think that I'm right?

       Em         A
That's once again true,

    D          B7
for all except you

    E             A         Bm
You got me, let's call it a night

Good night

D             A7        D
Don't let the frostbite bite
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