Jordan Cook - Black Eyes tab

  Hey this is the first tab I have ever submited so if there are any mistakes e-mail me

Jordan Cook - Black Eyes
Album - Seven Deadly Sins

e| ----------------------------------------------------------------|
B| ----------------------------------------------------------------|
G| ----------------------------------------------------------------|
D| 4-7-9-4--4-7-9-4-4-7-9-4-----4-7-9-4--4-7-9-4-4-7-9-4 ----------|
A| 4-7-9-4--4-7-9-4-4-7-9-4-7---4-7-9-4--4-7-9-4-4-7-9-4-7---------|
D| 4-7-9-4--4-7-9-4-4-7-9-4--9--4-7-9-4--4-7-9-4-4-7-9-4--9-7h9-7p4|
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