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Josh Hedlund - Time And Space chords

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Time and Space
Josh Hedlund

I'm not sure about these chords but they sound alright. 
Capo 2nd Fret


(Finger pick chords. Listen to the song and you'll get an idea of the pattern)

C C G G Am G F F


   C                                                G

I live across from a chapel of the scientist for christ 

                 Am                  G                           F

They take pictures on the sidewalk and try to document their lives 

                C                                                     G

They need proof of what's uncertain they need answers on a scale

                  Am                G                     F

Well I need whisky from a bottle which is better who's to tell you

        C                  G               F

Both dying as our day goes by

 C                  G               F

Living as our time slips by

  C                                                           G

I live 10 blocks from broadway where the sidewalk for key post 

                 Am                           G                           F

I guess they lost in touch with family but whose to say what hurts the most

         Am                                            F

Is it always living in between, is it the way the dreams turn into streets 

         C                              G                   Am     G      F

Well I worked hard for this dollar but I'm just as well without it

                C      G            F

And there is no need for shame

                      C               G                 F

Lord don't you know that we're all the same

(Start Strumming Chords)

                         C                                                  G

So lets drink together, lets drink whisky, lets drink water, lets drink wine

      Am                G                      F

If it gets me into heaven I'll even take the blood of Christ

                         C                                              G

Lets grow children, lets grow carrots hell man ain't it all the same

                      Am                            G                       F

Who built the fences, who wrote the bible, someone floating in outer space

                 C      G        F

So lets not be a failed design

             C             G             F

We'll fill forever in an endless sky

             C                G                F

We're all kids 'till the day that we die

C                     G            F

Children of our different times


F Fm C

I'm not 100% sure about the lyrics, or the chords for that matter, but I thought 
this song was so good that it had to be tabbed. A wonderful Josh Hedlund song.
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