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Joss Stone - Young At Heart tab

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Young at heart

Ebm F# B9 Bb9
G#m B9 F# Bb9

Ebm F# B9 Bb9
You're wasting your time trying to tear us up apart
Ebm F# B9 Bb9
You can't stop our plans We were destined from the start
Ebm F# B9 Bb9 G#m
He loves me I love him And even though were young at heart
F# Bb9
See, you're the one in denial

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Ebm F# B9 Bb9
Tired of creeping around when I'm craving for His kiss
Ebm F# B9 Bb9
Whenever I'm lonely he is the only one I miss
Ebm F# B9 Bb9
You say it ain't right but I think that you got it wrong Its bliss
G#m F# Bb9
And I love him yeah yeah I love him
Ebm F# B9 Bb9
He makes me go oo-oo-ooooo When he looks at me
Ebm F# B9 Bb9
Oo-ooo-ooo And it's plain to see
Ebm F# B9 Bb9
Nothing you can do-oo-ooooo To discourage me
G#m F# Bb9
And I love him I really love him
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