Jukebox The Ghost - At Last chords

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Song: At Last
Artist: Jukebox The Ghost
Album: Safe Travels

Tuning: Standard

Intro: F

Verse 1:
He was a songwriter
Writing songs about a girl
She was a ghostwriter
Bb            C
Lying to the world
Bb            C
In deep anticipation
     Bb                C
Of a day that she had written
    Bb            C
And by her own admission
          Bb         C            F
She'd be picked up, kissed, and twirled

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1):
He was a fearful boy
Watchful of the earth
Worried that it might split apart
And he wouldn't even hear it first
That he'd be caught in some position
Like a broken old physician
And worst of all
He feared that it would hurt

C                Bb
He's pouring his heart out
     C            Bb
Is nothing gonna come of that
C           Bb          C     Bb
So when can he finally say

    F    Gm  F/A
At last, at last,
G/B  C  A/C#  Dm  
At last, at last,
C      Bb           C     F
Oh I thought you'd never ask

Verse 3 (same as Verse 1):
Oh seven hundred letters
She cataloged them all
Dated them and numbered them
And then hid them down below
She would always keep 'em
Once a year would read them
Each time she'd be thinking
Somehow he must know

Pre-Chorus: (same as above):
She's pouring her heart out
Is nothing gonna come of that
So when can she finally say

Chorus (same as above)

F   B  F B    B  F B  C

Verse 4 (same as verse 1):
Outside of his apartment
The night was blanketed in mist
She stood looking up at his light
And thinking what it meant
It meant that he was in there breathing
What it was he was thinking
It was of her, she wished he wished

Pre-Chorus (same as above):
They're pouring their hearts out
Is nothing gonna come of that
So when can they finally say

Chorus (same as above) x2

End on F
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