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Julian Cope - Holy Love chords

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Extremely simple song, so I'll give you the verse guitar riff with bass built in:


Note that you'll most probably won't be able to play the three uppermost string all of the time.

I tried to comprehend the lyrics:

verse [all verses play the above transcribed riff]:

My infatuation with the min(i)on of my life

When I defied description and my mind was brutalized

Shake, shake, shake with too much joy and too much memory

Who's that rowling in the hate  it may be jesus or the cavalry.

        G           A             G                  A
No it's me and my adrenaline, just chopped me like a lion
      G                  A
Me, I love that, last forever
      G                A
Me, I love that so divine

        G           G   [to the above riff again]
Call up holy, holy, ... love!

verse 2:

So in desperation, caught by the swallowing man
Flower (or flour) your father, I can beat you heart
slap you down with the palm of my hand

We could be so ambitious,
take it not for long
Run to the hills and wait for me
I'll meet your there at dawn

chorus 2 (same chords):

Me, I wait for no one
Me, in every single time
Me, I love that last forever
Me, I love that so divine

Holy bla bla...

bridge oboe for guitar:

B|-6--6---------3--6--8----6~----| 2 x

Run, run, run to the scene of the crime

I can't stand that noise in my ears

But I'll soon be praying

[I hope to correct the last part of the chords and a part of the lyrics soon  My
computer is behaving oddly and I don't dare startup notepad to copy paste everything there,
firefox might crash...]
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