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Julian Cope - An Elegant Chaos chords

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Elegant Chaos, from World Shut Your Mouth.

Note: like many of my other tabs, there are some uncertainties - just use this tab 
as a guideline...

F            C
Busy at home

I was happy for a while

But the joke is over

F              C
Looking down

       Bb                 C
At the carefully laid out infamy

       F                       C
Take a scythe, take a scythe,

To the rotting core

Of man-vegetaton

F            C
Now I sigh

       Bb                         C
At the cool cool attitude to ignorance

The look in your eyes
When you gave this to me
     A5           G5
Just put me on my guard

In this elegant chaos

C                   Bb C
I stand to one side

Shouting "ha"
Was I forced into this?
Or was it given to me?
It's a nice idea -
As a gift
Or as something to try for a while
70 years?
It's neither one thing or the other
My big fear
Is to dig it at last
And have it taken away

[bridge, no real chords - so I made them up]

Am                    E
Itís not a problem of secrecy

  G             D
I take it in my stride

      A                      E
Did I learn to breathe to be killed like this?

Am           E
Faces to the glass

           G           D
I see them televise my death

Oh, and here comes the part

Where I break down and cry.

People I see
Just remind me of mooing
Like a cow on the grass
And that's not to say
That there's anything wrong
With being a cow anyway
But people are people
With the added advantage
Of the spoken word
We're getting on fine
But I feel more of a man
When I get with the herd.
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