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Julian Drive - Famous chords

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Intro: A D A D

A                                  D
If anyone could do the things that you have done
A                                          E
Their name would be the first to make the news
A                             D
You deserve your story to be told around the world
A                           E
Everyone needs to know the truth
          D                                  A            D    E  A
When you left the throne of heaven to be crucified, you saved my life

                   A                         E
I wanna make you famous, I wanna shout your name
            D                         Bm                        A
To every nation every race, so every tongue can proclaim your glory
For the way you changed everything
                  D           Bm         A
So in all that I do, I wanna make you famous

VERSE 2: (same chords)
When you created me you had a purpose
When you catured my heart you had a plan
That I would be a part of what you had in store
The minute you first spoke and life began
So as long as I'm breathing I'll praise you, Lord. It's what my life is for.


A        E         D                 Bm                        E
I wanna join with all creation the heavens and earth you have made
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