Juris Fernandez - Make It Easy chords

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Intro: C#m-G#m-F#-C#m-B-E

    E             B                C#m
Don't keep ne dreaming, If all the hope is gone

  E          B                   C#m          A
If it's all over, Don't keep me hanging on I can't stay

           B                              E  A     
And dream my life away, In some kind of wonderland
                     F#m                   B
Better to hurt me honestly, than make me a fool of me

My heart will understnad


          B    F#           B           F#          
Make it easy on me, Just walk away, set me free

                 B-F#              B      F#   
Don't try to do it gently, Just to please me

      B F#     B     
Make it easy, easy on me

(Do Stanza chords)

If it's the time to go, If it's the last goodbye
Mever turn around, Don't want you to see me cry
Don't make me stray, And wish my time away, In some fool's paradis
Don't gice any hope to me
Spin any lines for me, Make te truth plan to see

(Repeat Chorus)

Adlib: C#m-G#m-F#-C#m-B-E

Better to hurt me honestly

              B                        G#m-C#    
Than make a fool of me, My heart will understand
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