Karen Zoid - Dinosaur chords

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			     Dinosaur - Karen Zoid
Tabbed by: LadyBlurp
Email: nvstange@gmail.com

Couldn't find this anywhere online so I just decided to do it myself...
Still working on the rest of the song but this part is the coolest anyway :)

Millions & millions of years ago
Dinosaurs lived here did you know?
Long before flowers, people or snow
     B           E
in a prehistoric world.

Brontosaurus was a nice guy
Tyrannosaurus Rex was sly, he
stole all the meat from the other folks,
         B             E
he was a smelly guy, & that's no joke!

    A                   E
But all these creatures are no more!
    B                  E
The earth was hit by a meteor,
  A                     E
& if you think that I'm telling a lie
B         E
Go to the library!
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