Kate Simmonds - When I Was Lost There Is A New Song chords

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When I was lost (there is a new song)
Key: F

F                            Bb7         F                             Bb7
When I was lost You came and rescued me, reached down into the pit and lifted me
Gm      F/A                 Am7      Dm7    Gm7    [ch]Bb/C[/ch]
O Lord, such love, I was as far from You as I could be
F                            Bb7       F                               Bb7
You know all the things I’ve ever done, but Jesus’ blood has cancelled every one
Gm      F/A                Am7    Dm7     Gm7     [ch]Bb/C[/ch]
O Lord, such grace, to qualify me as Your own

           F   F/A  Bb                      Gm7  [ch]Bb/C[/ch] Fmaj7 Esus4
There is a new song in my mouth, there is a deep cry  in my heart
  A7      Dm7         Gm7              [ch]Bb/C[/ch]
A hymn of praise to Almighty God: Hallelujah!
          F     F/A  Bb                       Gm7    [ch]Bb/C[/ch]     Fmaj7    Esus4
And now I stand firm on this Rock, my life is hidden now with Christ in God
    A7      Dm7          Gm7           [ch]Bb/C[/ch]
The old has gone and the new has come: Hallelujah! Your love has lifted me

Verse 2:
Now I have come into Your family, for the Son of God has died for me
O Lord, such peace, I am as loved by You as I could be
In the full assurance of Your love, now with every confidence we come
O Lord, such joy, to know that You delight in us!

Bbmaj7               Am7            Bbmaj7                   C/D
Many are the wonders You have done, many are the things that You have planned
Bbmaj7                       Am7                     Gm7
How beautiful the grace that gives to us all that we don’t deserve
            F/A                   [ch]Bb/C[/ch]
All that we cannot earn, but is a gift of love

Miles and Kate Simmonds © 2001 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music
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