Kate Voegele - Sandcastles chords

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Kate Voegele - Sandcastles ( asn.Debbie)

Standard Tuning + No Capo

Chords used:  C  : x32010
              G  : 320033   (G* : 320010)
              Am : x02210   (Em : 022000)
              F  : x33210

*Note*: I don't know if this is completely accurate, but to me 
        it sounds good. The G* is a variation of the G-chord, 
        to me it sounds like the G*-chord is used in the verses,
        and the full G-chord in the chorus. I saw a video of her
        playing without a capo in the studio and a video in wich
        she had a capo on the 5th fret. If you put the capo on the
        5th fret, just press the transpose button and transpose
        it 5 half steps down. Then you'll play G - D etc.  


C  -  G*  -  C  -  G*

[Verse 1]

C                        G*
I got this ticket in my hand
C                           G*
And I got a long, long day ahead
Am                            Em
And I got a hell of a lot of reasons to be sad
               C                                G*
But I've got a hundred more that keep me coming back

[Verse 2] 

C                             G*
I got these worn out red boots on
C                               G*
And I got a brand new favourite song
Am                                         Em
And I can name some people who'd say that I got it all wrong
             C                                 G*
But I know plenty more who've been there all along


I'd rather make sandcastles
Instead of these wide-world decisions
F                                  G                 
I knew, I knew it all was catching up to me, yeah
And I don't have a plan at all
But I got this six-string religion
    F                             G
And I do, I do believe a song can heal me
                      C    G*
It's enough for me, yeah

[Verse 3]

C                         G*          
I had this picture in my head
C                         G*
Of where I oughta be and when
Am                                      Em
But it's just like the good advice that John gave when he said,
           C                                 G*   
"Life, it happens while we're busy making plans"


[Verse 4]

C                                G*
Where I'm laughing is where I'm home
C                                       G*
But you know how fast it makes the time go
Am                                           Em
And there was nothing like the first time that I saw open road
       C                                G*
And I wasn't terrified to ride it on my own


C                             G*
I got my heart in the right place
C                                    G*
But that place is millions of miles away
Am                                   Em
And I suppose I never will know the perfect words to say
               C                                    G*
But I'll keep searching till they find me one fine day 



C - G*
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