Kathleen Carnali - Behold chords

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Behold, Kateen Carnali

Capo 4th fret
This is how i heard it. Hope it works :-)


Em                                               C                             G   D
 Behold, behold the Lamb of GodWho takes away, who takes away the Sin of the world. 
Em                                       C                              G                 D   Em
Behold, behold theCrucified. Who gave his life, a sacrifice,He suffered, bled and died. Behold, 
                                      C                                              G  D
behold,the one who came willing lamb and offering,shedding blood and drinking shame. 
                                               Em                                       C  G
Behold the one who came. He left his father's throne above, of deed and self and all of           
                                                             D                            Em  C  G
three days andGod says that's enough. And all declare'"Behold, behold, he is risen.I have 
  D                      Em         C                          G                 D        D  Em....
seen the Lord. Behold, behold, He is risen.I must tell the world. Behold. Behold , behold
living God.The risen son.Behold the one who cried it is done.Behold, Beholdbehold 
the princeOf life. The risen Christ, the conquering Lionto let your kingdom 
Rise.Behold, behold the coming King.Beneath his feet lieEverything. I hear all 
creation sing.Behold, the coming King. ToHim who sits upon the throne.All power 
and glory I behold. And everysoul and justice longAnd all declare, Behold, behold. 
He is risen.I have seen the Lord. Behold, behold, he is risenI must tell the 
world. Behold.Behold the coming king,beneath his feet lie everything.I hear all 
creation sing, Behold thecoming King. Behold. To him who sits upon the throne.All 
power and glory all behold. And every souland justice long, And all declare, 
BeholdKing of Glory. Behold the king of Glory.Behold the King of Glory (repeat) 

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