Kathy Young - Happy Birthday Blues chords

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Happy Birthday Blues:Kathy Young (And The
#30 on BB Hot 100 on INDIGO Records in

C                             F              C
There she sits all alone, her tear begins to shed.
          Em     F            G              C
A written letter in her hand, this is how it read.

.......G F G C.......

G                         C   Am7  C
Turned sixteen just yesterday......all my world was 
bright and gay.
Dm7         F                   G
Thought for sure you'd write or call, but you didn't, 
after all..got the Happy Birthday Blues.
 F              C      G Em G C
(Happy Birthday blues.)

   G          C           Am7          C         F
Maybe you had lots to do, or you found somebody new.
F                         G
How I pray you'll hear my plea..I'm as lonely as can 
be, got the Happy Birthday Blues.
       F        C      C7
(Happy Birthday blues.)

  F                                      C
I planned just how this day would be for such a long, 

long time.
      F                               C         Am7
You'd wish me Happy Birthday, while I held your hand in 
    F                                 C
I'd blow out all the candles, while I wished that you 
                     Am7              D              G
and I, would be together, evermore, until the day we die.

G                    C      Am7                   F
As I sit here in the gloom, of my cold and lonely room.
F                           G             F
How my heart is filled with fears, and my eyes are filled 
     G                             C
with tears..got the Happy Birthday Blues.

C     B        C
Happy Birthday blues..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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