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Katie Cole - Gravity chords

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Capo 1

1.[E]Pleased to meet you, can you [G]stay awhile?
I'm [A]late for everything, but for [G]you there's time.
[E]I feel the surface [G]beneath my feet 
Yet my [A]head is spinning 10,000 feet from [E]here...

[E]I'm tearing down the [D]curtains
That block out the [A]sun
I'm trying to shed some [G]light on what has [E]begun.
I'm listening at the [D]windows and calling out in [A]vain.
I hear a voice that [G]echoes your name.

Can't get you [E]out of my head, out of my mind, out of my [G]dreams
Yes I [A]feel the pull, you [G]draw me in.
[E]Out of my head, out of my hands, out of [G]control.
Yes I [A]feel the pull, you've [G]taken hold of me.

(second verse is also E-G-A-G)
2. Nice to know you, did you have a good day?
Casual conversation hides what I want to say.
I'm biting my tongue and hope you don't see
Emotional landscape is knocking me off my feet. 
[stay on G]You bring me to my knees!

(go straight to chorus, no pre-chorus second time through)

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