Katinas - One More Time chords

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A                             E
Lord, I saw your face last night 
When I looked in the sky 
          F#m     E  
You were smi- - -ling  
A                         E
You told me it would be okay  
You would make a way  
       F#m   E
In my dark times 
D                         E
Every time I hear your voice 
A                        F#m
Every time I feel your touch
                 Bm                   E  
It makes me know that I can face tomorrow  
                D      A to E  then enter Verse
One more time 
Verse 2 
A                       E
When all my friends go away  
I'll be glad to say  
              F#m   E
You're still near me  
A                         E
Even when the wind blows by  
I feel warm inside 
            F#m  E 
You're so love--ly  
Then to chorus..  
A                      F#m
I need you, don't leave me  
Bm                       E
Without you I can't survive 
D                           E
I know that I can face tomorrow 
'Cause you will walk me through  
My pain and sorrow  
   Bm                       E
I know that I can face tomorrow  
One more time 
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