Katy Perry - Spiritual chords

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Chords by AdamD

No capo - Standard tuning

[Verse I]
 G                   Dm
Lay me down at your altar, baby
 Bb                  Dm 
I'm a slave to this luck
       G                 Dm                  Bb     Dm
Your electric lips have got me speaking in tales

[Verse II]
I have prayed for a power like you
To see deep down in my soul
Oh, you make me bloom like a flower at desert road

Magic, or one, or mystery
All of you trying to work on me
Bb                   Dm
I would surrender myself
Holy how, and heaven high
You will open up my eyes
Bb                Dm
And I'm finally here

 G       Eb   Bb   F
This is spiritual, under your spell
 G  Eb  Bb   F
Phenomenon, the way you make me feel
 G      Eb  Bb  F
Like an angel, oh, at blow
 G     Eb   Bb  F  
Like a feather, you make me float

[Verse III]
Love you crazy kite on your left
Lost in sweet ecstasy
Found a nirvana finally

[Pre-chorus + Chorus]

Eb Gm F   x2

[Chorus] x2
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